Nepal Rafting

Nepal has blessed with several world-class rivers, which resulted in top rafting rivers. Moreover, Nepal is famous for its white river rafting throughout the world. Along with other adventure activities rafting in  Nepal is also a very popular thrilling adventure as well as a paradise for river runners. One can choose from a day rafting to extended trip that will allow you to camp on the river and enjoy the surrounding. You can contact us for more detail, we have a variety of options that will surely fit your need. It doesn’t matter what’s your age and how fit you are, the choices are unlimited. Either you are young as 10 or old as 50, there is rafting option for everyone. The journey will not only let you feel adrenaline adventure but also present you spectacular views of mountain sceneries, and rare flora & fauna. The combination of all these views and exhilarating white water rapids makes the journey more stimulating.

As per rivers difficulty, they are rated on a scale of class 1 to 6

  • Class 1- This category of rivers has a gradual moving current with little or no obstacles
  • Class 2 & 3- This category of rivers has fast-moving current with some obstacles and smaller to medium size rapids
  • Class 4- This category of rivers has long, continuous sections of white water and large waves, which requires strong paddling and good teamwork in the boat
  • Class 5- This category of rivers has powerful prolonged sections of rapids and big holes, which requires very strong paddling and preferably some previous rafting experience
  • Class 6- This category of rivers has considered being almost impossible to run