Upper Mustang is highly influenced by Tibetan culture and tradition. People here follow Tibetan Buddhism and most of the festivals, assortments, and language are similar to them. You will get to explore some of the ancient monasteries and gompas here. You will see chortens fastened with colorful prayer flags at most of the place. And, not to mention people residing here are one of the kindest you will ever meet in your life. 

The Upper Mustang Trek will also take you to Muktinath Temple, which is one of the holiest temples of Hindus worldwide. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit this temple to worship. In Upper Mustang Trek, you will get to experience both Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism.

Upper Mustang Trek difficulty

Upper Mustang Trek is marked as the difficult trek. As you will be ascending every day on a relatively rugged trail along with gaining altitude. You don’t need to have strong physical fitness, however, good stamina is needed. You don’t need to be professional trekker to go on this trek, just before the beginning of the trek go on a few hikes and hit the door of the gym to increase your muscles strengths and stamina, and you are good to go. Also, do consult your doctor to know all the risks you might have to face during the trip.